Let's Take Airport Bus in Japan

Directly from Narita, Kansai, Haneda airports to major places.
Taking an airport bus is a very simple and useful way of transportation available at low cost.

For the first time traveler to Japan, it is difficult to get straight to the place you want to go by train as you need to get accustomed with complexed train routes in Japan.

On the contrary, if you take an airport bus, your first move will be more simple and very smooth as you don't have to worry about changing routes. They bring you straight to popular places to start travel such as Tokyo station and Ginza station. Also, their fares are very reasonable.

This page has compiled major routes of airport buses along with essential information such as fare prices, approxicimate required time to the destination, and WiFi availability.

Narita Airport Haneda Airport Kansai Airport Narita Airport Haneda Airport Kansai Airport

Information on bus stops, which can be starting points for your travel. You can move fast and reasonable with these stops when you go to airports.

Tokyo Station Ginza Station Osaki Station Fujisan Railway Station Shibuya Station Shin-Osaka Station Kintetsu Uehommachi/Shinsaibashi Nanko/Tenpozan Kobe Sannomiya Station Kyoto Station

Companies managing buses to airports. Those pages have listed departure and arrival information on buses sort by company.

Airport Limousine Bus JR Bus Kanto Keisei Bus WILLER TRAVEL Keikyu Bus Kansai Airport Transport Enterprise (KATE)